Strategic Plan

The Town of Westbrook has a long-standing commitment to energy conservation, energy management and sustainability. In order to formalize this commitment, the Town of Westbrook Energy Committee was formed in 2009 to influence, develop and support energy management and sustainability awareness and initiatives throughout the Town. Minutes of Committee meetings are posted on the Town website.

The Westbrook Energy Committee, in collaboration with its partner Woodard & Curran, developed this Strategic Energy Management Plan in 2010 to accomplish the following:

  • Support Westbrook’s desire to better manage and improve its energy portfolio by creating a common vision for energy within the community;
  • Focus the Town stakeholders on important energy initiatives by providing a framework to make energy related decisions;
  • Establish an organized plan with which to identify and prioritize actions, assign responsibility and plan for future expenditures associated with the Town’s energy consumption and management needs; and
  • Be used as the foundation on which to build other
    sustainability related initiatives.

For more details, click here to see the plan

Top Priorities of the Strategic Plan

  1. Support the individual homeowners and local businesses in becoming more energy efficient.
  2. Be fiscally responsible by developing a formalized process to access available funding for energy efficiency, conservations and/or renewable/alternative energy.
  3. Increase the energy efficiency of town lighting.
  4. Implement energy efficiencies resulting from energy audits to reduce energy expenditures.
  5. Create a culture of energy conservation and awareness throughout the community.
  6. Utilize the schools and its students to build and implement green programs
  7. Develop “green” procurement policies.
  8. Examine opportunities to optimize energy purchasing policies.
  9. Coordinate and integrate municipal, school and energy committee activities.
  10. Explore the potential for using or generating renewable or alternative energy.
  11. Establish a town-wide building energy master plan to increase building efficiencies and save money on purchases.
  12. Develop a mechanism to generate funding for green technologies or any energy efficiencies.



Westbrook Town Energy Committee