CT Energy Efficiency Fund

CT Energy Efficiency Fund Aids, Homeowners, Business & Municipalities

For Business

The Fund provides financial incentives to get projects completed, and the energy-saving benefits continue on year after year. There are two types of programs, one to improve the efficiency of existing equipment, and the other for new construction, major renovation or new or replacement equipment.

For more information, call your CL&P representative or call 1-877-WISE USE.

Programs to Improve the Efficiency of Operating Equipment

The Operation & Maintenance Services Program:

  • Helps customers identify energy inefficiencies and potential improvements in their HVAC and production systems.

Retro Commissioning Program:

  • Documents how facility can maximize performance thru low-cost operational improvements

Process Reengineering for Increased Manufacturing Efficiency (PRIME):

  • For electric customers with SIC code 2000 thru 3999. Provide training in lean manufacturing techniques.

Construction, Major Renovation, New or Replacement Equipment

Energy Conscious Blueprint

  • Captures electric and natural gas savings early in the building process, focusing on all aspects of energy efficient building techniques, systems and equipment.

Energy Opportunities Program

  • Replace still-functioning equipment with more efficient ones. Incentives available for upgrades in lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, water heating, and process equipment

Small Business Energy Advantage Program

  • Available for electric customers with a 12-month peak demand up to 200kW usage. Designed to provide turnkey services for small commercial and industrial customers. Incentives available for upgrades in lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, air compressors, variable frequency drives, and premium-efficiency motors.




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