Clean Energy Options

Electric customers can sign up to have half or all of their power supplied by either Northeast Clean Power or Community Energy. These two providers source power from solar and wind providers in the Northeast and by purchasing renewable energy credits generated by such installations.When you sign up the town earns 3 points towards free solar electric panels; for each 100 points Westbrook receives a one-thousand kilowatt panel.

There is no separate bill, and Eversource still provides repair and restoration services.

Currently, purchase of 50% of one’s power from either provider costs $ .0065 per kWh and 100% costs $ .013 /kWh (or about ½ cent or 1 cent per kWh respectively). The added cost, which would about $7.00 a month for a home using 700 kWh/mo can be potentially offset by purchasing the other 50% from a non-Eversource provider at lower rates. Bill inserts provide details.

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For example, the current Eversource generation rate through 12/31/15 is 9.55 cents/kWh and Constellation is 6.98 cents/kWh.










Westbrook Town Energy Committee