The Town’s ad hoc Energy Committee, composed of Westbrook personnel and citizen volunteers, meets monthly. These web pages are designed to inform viewers about ongoing Town activities focused on saving energy and money, while also providing information and links to programs that individuals and businesses can pursue on their own.

Individuals who are interested in joining this group should contact the Selectmen’s Office at 860-399-3040.

Westbrook’s Commitment to Energy Conservation, Energy Management, and Sustainability

Westbrook is a member of the Regional Energy Commission (REC) formed by six towns in 2010 with a goal of saving at least 5% of the towns’ expenditures on energy. The REC meets regularly so that the six towns may collaborate on energy efficiency and conservation projects.

The Board of Selectman approved joining the Connecticut Clean Energy Program, which is offered by Connecticut’s Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority and the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund.

Westbrook has pledged to reduce municipal building energy consumption from base levels by 2018, and has invested in LED parking lot lighting to reduce energy usage to help meet the 2018 goal.  The Town also committed to purchase some of our municipal buildings’ energy use from renewable sources.  By achieving milestones, including participation by residents and businesses, the Town can earn cash grants of $5,000 to $15,000 and free solar photovoltaic panels to install on town buildings.

The town is now eligible to participate in two statewide programs.

One, the Energy Efficiency Track, measures total efficiency points earned in a town and can result in grants of $5,000 to $15,000 from the CT Energy Efficiency Fund. Residents can earn points by signing up for a Home Energy Solutions assessment, or participating in rebates from CL&P for the purchase of more efficient appliances, insulation, heating or air conditioning components, or natural gas-fired hot water heaters, among other options.

Business programs include Small Business Advantage, Energy Conscious Blueprint, Business Sustainability Challenge and Retrofit, among others. If the Town also commits to reduce consumption in municipal buildings by 20% from a baseline set in 2008 or later, and it has at least 100 points, it qualifies for a grant. As of January 31, 2012 Westbrook had earned 48 points in this program.

The second, the Renewable Energy Track, measures total points earned in a town in two ways: a) one point for each household and business that signs up for at least half their power (through CL&P) generated by wind, hydro, and solar from either of two providers, Commmunity Energy or Northeast Clean Power By 3 Degrees; b) three points for each renewable system installed in the town (solar hot water, solar electric panels, or geothermal heating and cooling).

For each 100 points, a town can earn a free 1,000 Watt solar electric system for a school or municipal building. As of December 31, 2011, Westbrook had 124 points in this program. Currently, Branford, Durham, Essex, Haddam and Madison are communities in the area earning free solar electric systems.

See how we are doing. Westbrook’s Clean Energy Dashboard


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